Debt Consolidation

Many businesses may have one or more cash advances outstanding, that were taken during different times of need.  At Integrity Corporate Funding, we fully understand how these can benefit a growing business.  We also understand that often times, consolidating these into one payment can provide a number of significant benefits.  In addition to reducing the parties to pay, with different rates and pay off terms, the reasons to consolidate these payments into one sum can be highly beneficial to your business and its bottom line.

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation can include savings on interest, better payments terms, increases in time to pay, and let’s not forget, one simple consolidated payment.  Our experts take the time you need to answer all your questions.  We can get information that you’ll need, quickly and efficiently, to help you make simple informed decision on if this is right for you.  Our goal is to help you save and consolidate, so your business can continue to succeed and grow.

When you let us consolidate your financial obligations, you can have a greater focus on attending to serving your clients and increasing your bottom line.  Many times one may not even realize we can consolidate two or more obligations into one consolidated monthly funding repayment, or have tried with other organizations that just couldn’t make it work.  We are great at what we do, and there is no harm in exploring what options we can provide.  Call us today!  We’d love to discuss in more detail how we may be able to benefit your business.