Restaurant Funding

The Restaurant industry usually involves a high level of seasonal revenues and operating costs on food and supplies. Restaurant funding can allow your restaurant to grow when dealing with maintenance, inventory, new hires, training, upgrades, and so forth.

We at Integrity Corporate Funding understand how the restaurant business is a time and cost consuming industry for ongoing operation. Extra disposable capital is essential to run the cash intensive operation. Marketing also accounts for a big expense on attracting new customers while maintaining the loyalty of your customer base. Generally new restaurants are barely offered money from banks for investments. Other lenders also need the proof of relevant hospitality experience and a strong credit history.

At Integrity Corporate Funding, we provide experienced and highly-trained professionals to review your overall business health regardless of bad credit.  We can definitely save you time and money in pursuing your business goal. Contact us today for more detailed information, and act fast to finance your business with approvals in as little as 24 hours!