Expansion Funding

Business expansion is crucial for continuous business growth. Therefore extra capital is in need. Sometimes, financial capital is not always readily prepared when in need. Immediate financing allows businesses to take advantage of the new opportunities and grow at the right time. Choosing an appropriate funding source can be critical to your business. To determine if your business is suited for obtaining money, the overall performance and credit history must be considered at this moment.

Comparing different channels of providers is a good method to review the optimal option for your business.The first question to ask is that if your business is ready for an expansion yet.  Traditional banks will require a business to have the capability of obtaining enough cashflow to repay a loan in a fixed schedule.

While some may not even consider it, Integrity Corporate Funding can offer options for business owners, who have been in business for a year or less with revenues as low as $100,000 annually.  Banks generally require small business to run for a few years generating about $1 million revenues per year with a strong personal credit score.  

While a healthy business and a strong credit profile can play a big role in determining the chances of getting money, We take an out of the box approach.  Contact us today to inquire any funding questions and how we may help expand your growing business.  Feel free to submit an initial application request to get feedback in as little as one business day.