Equipment Funding

For many businesses, equipment expenses account for some of the main operating costs. Old or worn equipment after certain periods of running a business have to be repaired, replaced or upgraded for efficiency. Obtaining the right equipment for small business is the heart of increasing productivity and enhancing production.  

In today’s business environment, advanced technology is frequently needed to improve demanding quality and quantity in production. Small business owners tend to seek financing for equipment because it tools and equipment can be a very expensive necessity.  They also lessen small business’ burden of tight cash flow while incurring unexpected equipment cost in a short period of time.         

Here comes into question, whether you should acquire equipment through a bank or another funding source for daily business operations. Banks are the first choice if you prefer a traditional lender. However, it takes a while to apply for a loan through filling out the application and then waiting for the response, whether you meet all the qualifications. Small businesses might consider an alternative funding source who offers quicker result when in need of immediate working capital to repair, purchase, or update equipment.  Integrity Corporate Funding offers approvals in as little as 24 hours and funding in 2 business days after submitting simple applications. At Integrity Corporate Funding, we can definitely save you time and money in pursuing your business goals.